Timesheets Management

Track your working time

Fast and easy input

  • Choose to log your activities at the beginning of the day, on the fly or after your work is done.

Launch tasks in one click

  • With our Chrome extension, you are always one click away from your time-tracking app. Just click on “Start” to launch your tasks.

Grid view

  • Record your timesheets and your forecasts super quickly with the grid view.
    As a manager, you see immediately who's working on what.

Change Sales Order

  • Easily change Sales Orders item to which timesheets are linked. Remaining hours are shown in the name of the task when encoding timesheets.


  • Use the timer to track the exact time spent on tasks from the grid view besides the task's form.


  • Apply filters to make the validation and invoice processes easier and faster.

Work offline

Offline tracking mode

  • Your tasks will keep running no matter where you are, even if internet connectivity is not available.


  • The hours of work tracked offline are synced to your account once you're back online.

Manage your employees

Create and assign projects

  • Organize your employees’ workload by assigning them their tasks and projects.

Grant access rights

  • Managers can allow or restrict backend access to their employees in a few clicks.

Approve timesheets

  • Get an overview of your employees’ timesheet and approve them.

Send reminders

  • Activate a periodical email reminder for timesheet users to create a timesheet or to approve it for managers.

Overview employee's activities

  • Monitor your employees’ performances by project or by task.


  • Restrict the visibility of timesheets to other employees.


Timesheet analysis

  • Get statistics about billable hours, billable amount, unvoiced amounts, etc.

Leave management

  • Leaves can be automatically integrated within timesheet for better control of the time spent.

Timesheet profit

  • Easily review your employee's performance by measuring the profitability of their projects.