​Sales management software

Manage customer data, quotes and sales orders with ease

Efficiently increase your sales

Modern user interface

  • All the information is available where you need it through a user-friendly interface designed for salespeople.
  • Your representative can sell on the road through his mobile phone via the mobile interface.

Reduce data entry and redundancy

  • Send quotes to your customers with just a few clicks. Convert quotes into sales orders and invoices from the same screen.
  • Sales integrate with customer relationship management by focusing on the pre-sales stage, the sales channels of the sales teams, from registering prospective customers to converting them into a profitable deal and making a quotation.

Selling warnings

  • Get warnings before sending quotes to specific customers or for specific products.

Create professional presentations

  • Create a professional quote in just a few seconds. Use predefined products, price lists, and templates to help salespeople work more efficiently.

Quotation templates and templates

  • Create custom quote templates in just a few clicks and reuse them to save time.

Pro forma invoices

  • Send proforma invoices to your customers as needed.

We help you increase your sales

  • Bidding is optimized to help your company sell more by suggesting additional products, applying discounts, etc.

Obtain an electronic signature from your customers to confirm sales orders

  • Sell faster with e-signatures, allowing your customers to review and sign their quotes online.

Product attributes and features

  • Add product variants (eg sizes, colors...…..) to your sales orders using a grid or matrix showing all possible combinations of product attributes.

​Customer data management

Register and manage customer data

  • Record all customer data such as personal data and address details.
  • Recording the data of communication officials such as the sales manager and any contact of the customer.
  • The possibility of registering more than one address for the same customer, such as the shipping address and the sales billing address.
  • The ability to send customer invoices to him in his foreign language.
  • The possibility of importing customer data, whatever it is, through an Excel file to save time.
  • The ability to know everything related to the customer such as (his invoices - pricing policy - the company's sales to him - his correspondence) through a smart bar located in the supplier's profile.
  • The possibility of setting a credit limit for the customer so that the seller does not exceed it.

​Managing sales orders and contracts

Obtain an electronic signature from your customers to confirm sales orders

  • Sell faster with e-signatures, allowing your customers to review and sign their quotes online.

Quotations and sales orders

  • Convert quotes into sales orders with a single click, or let your customers do it themselves by e-signing quotes online Save time with the ability to modify sales orders, sell product batches, and ship part orders.

Billing management of sales orders

  • Various options for issuing sales invoices, either based on required quantities, delivered quantities, or based on time and materials.
  • Managing the collection terms, whether from the customer's profile or through the invoice.
  • Easily track and monitor debt ages through bill due dates.

Customer portal

  • Give your premium customers access to the system as a visitor to view their quotes and sales orders and track the status of delivery orders in real time.

Demand tracks

  • Flexibility in order paths: direct supply from the supplier to the customer (drop shipping), renewal upon request, exchange from warehouses.....etc.


  • Track every stage of the contract such as billing, renewal and sale. Integrated with service contracts.
  • Contract renewal alerts and contract options plus track recurring revenue via dashboard.

​Communication and integration

Simplify communication

  • Schedule activities and tasks where you can follow quotes and sales orders in one click and get alerts based on related activities.

Email messages

  • See all email communications automatically attached to the associated customer order, allowing you to track discussions back and negotiate more efficiently.
  • Create email templates for specific products to provide relevant information to buyers such as instructions, service reminders, etc.

Interdependence and integration with major departments and programmes

  • Warehouse management software, purchasing management, account management, customer relationship management, point of sale, manufacturing, online store.

​products and prices

Schedule activities and tasks

  • You can follow quotes and sell orders in one click and get alerts based on relevant activity.

Product attributes

  • Create and configure products with multiple attributes or variants such as size, color, finish, etc.
  • Integrated with the online store, where you can display your products with their variable features on your online store.


  • Apply discounts to any bid line item and choose whether the discount should be visible or hidden.

product types

Manage any type of product including services, stockable products, delivery charges, electronic products or consumables.

Shipping costs

  • Calculating shipping costs based on multiple variables (weight, volume quantity, margin, delivery address, etc.)

Promotional offers and discount coupons

  • The ability to create promotional offers at certain times that apply to specific branches, customers and products to increase sales, as well as the possibility of applying them automatically to sales teams.
  • Create a custom voucher code for a price list and allow your customers to activate the discount on their purchase.

Measurement units

  • Sell the product in multiple units of measure and let the system manage the conversion.

Sale price lists

  • The possibility of using price lists to determine a profit margin that suits the conditions of each customer or to determine the prices of individual products for each segment of customers, and the ease of creating price lists and contracting terms and linking them to customers based on product categories and sales quantities,

​Reports and analytics

Reports and dashboards

  • Use predefined dashboards or create your own and share with your team using the advanced reporting engine.
  • Statistics dashboard with all sales orders, quotes, and invoiced orders.
  • The possibility of calculating sales with the seller, product, sales team, or customer........ and there are more limitations.
  • Sales analytical report in more than one way, allowing you to extract several reports from within this report.
  • Trackable KPIs Easily monitor the dashboard to measure KPIs for important information such as total amount billed, sales per country/salesperson/sales team...etc.
  • The system allows you to collect and filter sales reports, as well as a dashboard of statistics and customers with multiple variables, where sales can be grouped by seller, customer, product, sales team, by date, or by order stage, with the ability to share reports for senior management.
  • Get a complete overview of all sales activities, next actions, and performance data.