Purchasing management software

Manage supplier data, requests and purchase orders with ease and flexibility

Modern user interface

  • A flexible, interactive user interface designed to manage supply and purchase operations. Do more with less effort, with or without a barcode reader.
  • Monitoring supplier invoices
  • Compare the information that appears on the purchase order, vendor invoice, and store receipt to make sure that you are paying the correct amount on the invoice (three-way match).
  • Different stages of the purchase invoice. In the draft purchase invoice stage, you can easily amend or cancel it later.
    Purchase tenders
  • Launching purchase tenders, integrating vendor responses into the process and comparing offers. Choose the best offer and place orders easily.
  •  Use the reports to analyze the quality of your suppliers.
  • Comprehensive ordering agreements
  • The ability to purchase goods from a supplier at a negotiated price, on a recurring basis over a specified period of time.

​Supplier data management

Supplier data management

  • Record all suppliers' data such as personal data and address details.
  • Recording the data of the contact persons such as the sales manager and any contact of the supplier.
  • The possibility of registering more than one address for the same resource, such as the shipping address and the billing address.
  • The ability to send supplier invoices in his foreign language.
  • The possibility of importing supplier data, whatever it is, through an Excel file to save time.
  • The possibility of knowing everything related to the supplier such as (his invoices - the company's purchases from him - his correspondence) through a smart bar located in the supplier's profile.
  • Possibility of setting warning messages to the user against dealing with a specific resource.

​Requests for quotations and purchase orders

Monitor requests for quotations

  • You can make specific settings for each product to send RFQs to your suppliers.
  • Track the status of your bids and purchase orders, and the amount of orders
  • Track orders created for a date in the future and track expected delivery dates.
  • No more drafting purchase orders as the request for quotation is converted into a purchase order.
  • Auto-complete and upload purchase order data when creating a purchase invoice.
  • Submit requests via email or post
  • Email RFQs to your suppliers directly from the app or print and mail them, all with just one click.
  • Get offers for multiple products
  • You can submit RFQs for multiple products at the same time.

Personalize your message

  • Add a custom message to your suppliers for each of the RFQs sent.

Process automation

  • Save time by setting up rules to automatically send RFQs to your suppliers based on your inventory levels.
  • Set up purchasing rules to automatically order necessary products based on inventory levels, product minimums per warehouse location, per supplier, sales volumes required, or other variables. 

Product attributes and features

  • Add product variants (eg sizes, colors...…..) to your purchase orders using a grid or matrix showing all possible combinations of product attributes.

Manage quotation requests and purchase orders

  • The possibility of creating pricing requests and sending them to suppliers, as well as creating purchase orders for warehouses that need products according to the rules of re-ordering and the minimum amount of products in warehouses.

Choose the best price offers

  • The system allows you to invite suppliers to submit their quotations, and then the purchasing department selects the best offers.
  • The ability to convert quotation requests directly into purchase orders with one click.
  • When confirming the purchase order, an order or receipt transaction is created in the warehouse program.
  • After confirming the purchase order, the supplier invoice can be generated and the payments recorded.
  • The ability to create advance payments to the supplier on a specific invoice.

​Product management

Handling of products

  • Create products Define selling price, type, barcode and reference to easily distinguish between similar products.

Add resource code

  • Add the code used by each supplier of the product to make it easier for you and them to find it.

Manage products received and internal moves

  • Track warehouse receipt orders based on purchase orders and determine the quantity received for each location or store.
  • Organizing the movement of internal products between the stores you own.

Define purchasing rules

  • Add all suppliers who supply the product, prioritize them, record delivery time and minimum quantity to save time on new orders.

Determine the terms of purchase

  • Determine the warranty period and specify the period of the customer and the manufacturer.

Perfect search filters

  • Find products with the supplier reference in the purchase order.

Measurement units

  • Purchase in different units of measure and let the system manage the conversion.

Check stock and availability

  • Track inventory, incoming orders, and product availability.

Determine the storage location

  • Determine the exact location of the product within your warehouse.

Add product specifications at points of sale and the website

  • Add product specifications to your point of sale or website.
  • Linking with the accounts program by defining the accounts of customers, suppliers, and taxes related to the product.

​Reports and analytics

Predictive analysis and dashboards

  • Use predefined dashboards or create your own and share with your team using the advanced reporting engine.
  • Statistics panel with all purchase orders and requests for quotations
  • An analytical report on purchases in more than one way, allowing you to extract several reports from within this report.
  • The possibility of collecting and filtering reports, statistics panel, and suppliers with multiple variables, which means that purchases can be grouped by employee, supplier, or product, or by date, or by order stage, and it can also be done in any field on the screen.

inventory forecast

  • Get product availability predictions based on confirmed sales orders, purchase orders, or manufacturing orders as well as internal movements.

​Other features

Other features

  • The possibility of entering more than one price list for each item
  • The possibility of adding a profit margin on the price of the supplier in the customer price lists
  • The possibility of direct supply from the supplier to the customer without going through the company's stores
  • Request approval of purchase orders that exceed a certain value.
  • Integration with other departments such as warehouse management, sales and accounts.
  • Integration of purchasing management with e-mail, where you can communicate with the supplier, request quotations, send purchase orders, and follow up on all documents by sending e-mail messages to him and his contacts.
  • Integration is also with the Correspondence Department. You can send a message to the user by clicking on his picture in the request for quotations screen.
  • The possibility of creating tasks (call - sending an e-mail - meeting - visiting - requesting a quotation - negotiating the price of a product .....) on any document (such as requesting a quotation - purchase order - purchase invoice - supplier profile) and assigning these tasks to an employee or more and follow up the implementation of these daily tasks for employees.