Customer stories

​​  Company    : Al-Nahhas Language Schools

  Users           : 80

    Location     : Egypt

  Employees : 127

 Students     : 424

Al-Nahhas Language Schools aim to :

  • Introduce and integrate technology into the educational process at all levels, with participation of all parties.
  • Striving to reach the top of cognitive awareness (creativity and innovation).
  • Providing an encouraging and promoting a positive school environment for all students.
  • Linking and integrating all parties of the educational process.
  • Spreading the  culture of active collaborative learning.
  • Transforming teaching into training and learning.
  • Linking the school and the surrounding environment, the local community and the country as a whole.

Customer Needs

Al-Nahhas Language Schools adopt the latest educational and technological means to manage the educational process. It is also concerned with integrating technology in education. Therefore, it was necessary to have a comprehensive system for managing the entire school departments through a single, interconnected and integrated platform.

During the initial interviews to gather school requirements, DigitsCode Solutions team was informed that the administration wants to automate the following departments:

  • Student admission.
  • Student Attendance.
  • Exam Management.
  • Students profiles & document expiry.
  • Guardians management.
  • Classroom management.
  • Academic year & academic term settings.
  • Amenities.
  • Fleet and Student transportation.
  • E-learning & online courses.
  • Grievances and complaints.
  • Quiz management.
  • Teachers.
  • Timetable.
  • Education Fees.
  • Account payables & receivables.
  • Students and vendors payments.
  • General expenses.
  • Employees.
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Time off and holidays
  • Employees Attendance.
  • Event management.

The Apps Used

School Fees
EDU Settings
Student Attend
Cash Management
Employee Attend
Time Off
Link Tracker

School Management Software Features

  • Personal messages
  • Groups to communicate

  • Add study materials - Curricula
  • Create a course for each subject to be displayed on the school's educational platform
  • School stages - grades - chapter numbers - chapters
  • Buildings - floors - floors - rooms for each floor
  • Academic years - semesters (term)
  • The possibility of receiving admission requests for the next year during the current academic year

  • Addition of the class capacity of students and the students accommodated in the class and the remaining numbers
  • Add the class teacher
  • Adding a location or place for the school class
  • Add amenities and accessories in the classroom
  • Adding an alias to the chapter
  • Manage student transfer requests to and from classes
  • Class schedule for each semester
  • Filter by academic years for chapters, so you can review the chapters of previous years

  • Integration with the website. Applications for students can be received through the website or from the system
  • The possibility of receiving applications for registration for the next year during the current academic year
  • Manage application requests at their various stages​
    Initial request
    Complete the data
    Personal interview
    The application has been approved
    A student account has been created
    The student has been placed in the classroom
  • The ability to search for applications of any stage to facilitate the student affairs officer, so he can search for students who are not housed in classes to accommodate them, or students in the interview stage, so that the dates of personal interviews are arranged, and so on.
  • Attach the student's documents when completing his data, so that they are available in the system throughout the education period in the school.
  • Adding reasons for students' refusal to be analyzed later to benefit from the data.
  • Adding the required documents from students upon submission.
  • Adding the previous schools from which students were transferred in order to analyze and know the students transferred from each school later to benefit from the data and direct advertising campaigns to attract new students.
  • Comprehensive data for the application for admission
    Student's personal data
    Family data (guardian and mother)
    Reference contacts in case the parent cannot be reached
    Students associated or related to the student
    Medical data of the student
    Stage, grade and date of submission
    Student languages (basic - first foreign - second foreign - high level)
    Contact information
    Previous school
    Activities and services involved

  • Student's personal data
  • Family data (guardian and mother)
  • Reference contacts in case the parent cannot be reached
  • Students associated or related to the student
  • Medical data of the student
  • Stage, grade and date of submission
  • Student languages (basic - first foreign - second foreign - high level)
  • Contact information
  • Previous school
  • Common activities and services

  • Create claims
  • Structuring tuition fees
  • Student housing data in classes
  • Expense data
  • Educational materials at additional fees
  • Types of tuition fees
  • Collection conditions (immediate payment - payment system - bus subscription payment system - textbook fees payment system for the first term - textbook fees payment system for the second term)

  • Class schedule
  • Class dates
  • Class schedule (class - time - subject - teacher)

  • Applications (full name - gender - date of birth - educational stage - grade - class - e-mail - phone number - status)
  • Student files
    Student name data (first name - middle name - last name - full name)
    School data (school - academic year - date of admission)
    Class data (educational stage - grades - classes)
    Student languages (mother tongue - basic language - second foreign language - high level language)
    Contact data (e-mail - phone number - mobile phone - user - test seat - dealing party)
    Previous schools
    Transport and vehicles
    Medical data
    An analytical report of admission applications
    Student documents
    Preparing the admission application
    Reasons for refusal
    Types of documents
    Previous schools

  • Parental settings
  • Relationship (Father - Mother - …..)
  • Address details (country - governorate - city)

  • Teacher data (name - contact information - department - director)
  • CV
  • Work information (location - vacations - work scheduling)
  • Badges received
  • Special information (contact person - nationality - marital status - dependents - emergency - level of education - work permit)
  • Human resources settings (status - payroll - attendance - application settings)
  • Educational data (stage - grade - chapter - subject)

  • Vehicles
  • Types of transportation service

  • Test (type - academic stage - level - academic year - semester - study subject)
  • Test Evaluation (Attention - Scoring Form)
  • Build the final test
  • Types of tests
  • Results reports

  • Calendar module

  • Attendance
  • Leave permissions
  • Attendance reports
  • Reasons for early dismissal

  • Dashboard
  • Customers
    Credit notes
    Customer files (customer data - contact data - sales and purchases - billing - study settings - internal notes)
  • Suppliers
    Supplier files (supplier data - contact data - sales and purchases - billing - study settings - internal notes)
  • General accounts
    Daily restrictions
    Daily books (sales - purchases - bank and cash - miscellaneous)
    Ledgers (general ledger - general ledger for partners)
    Reports (management - dynamic reports - accounting reports)
    Configuration (billing - banks - accounting - payments - management)
    Expense management (date – total – payment party – journal entry – analytical account – analytical account classification – items)

  • Notes Management module

  • Internal cash transfers
  • Customer collections
  • Supplier Payments

  • Courses (courses - contents - assessments - certificates)
  • Weekly plan
  • Reports (courses - contents - attendees - evaluation - quizzes - e-learning forum publications - certificates)
  • Configuration (settings - course groups - content rating tags)

  • Personnel files (employee data - CV - work information - human resources settings - …..)
  • Sections
  • Initialization (settings - job positions - departments - work sites - reasons for leaving - activity planning)

  • Salary slips
  • Salary payments
  • Staff (staff files - contacts)
  • Settings (salary structures - salary rules - shareholder records)

  • Attendance
  • Statement of attendance and departure
  • Attendance policies
  • Attendance rules
    Rules for calculating extra time
    Rules for calculating delays
    Early dismissal rules
    Rules of absence
  • Reports (attendance analysis)

  • Application requests (according to job positions - all applications)
  • Prepare reports (employment analysis)
  • Initialization
    Job positions
    Reasons for refusal
    Types of activities

  • Vacations
  • Dashboard
  • Vacation days
  • Leave balance
  • Allocating vacations
  • Reports
    Analysis of leave by employee
    Analysis of leave by type
  • Configuration settings
    Types of leave
    Accrual plans
    Official holidays

  • Management of clinic visits by students - appointments - prescriptions - vaccinations - evaluations - diseases - medical alerts - medicines

  • Book Management - Authors Data - Borrowing Requests - Library Visitors - Track Books

  • The ability of the employee to make internal maintenance requests for the devices and the system and track their solution

  • Manage survey requests for parents or teachers

  • Potential clients - meetings - opportunities - causes of loss

  • Visitors - visits - reasons for visiting - secretariats

  • Manage any sales the school can sell to students

  • Any sales with subscriptions are paid periodically
  • Grievances
  • Grievances and grade review

  • Warehouses - storage places - receipt orders - exchange orders - inventory - collection - gifts and samples - consumables

  • Linking Employee Advances With Salaries And Installments

  • Conferences - exhibitions - graduation ceremonies - religious parties - visitors - tickets

  • Display events on the site to the public

  • Display any products or services for sale on the online store

  • Evaluation of employees by conducting a survey with colleagues and managers

  • Creating courses - booking courses - dates of courses - stages of courses and passing them

  • Management of school construction projects and project expenses until it is completed with the possibility of dividing the project into sub-tasks that are assigned to those in charge

  • Keep track Of Employee Documents And Their Expiration Dates

  • Skill Creation - Measure, develop and track student skills

  • Adding legal procedures and their stages

  • Managing discipline and disciplinary procedures for employees and correcting behavior

  • Managing disciplinary procedures for students and correcting erroneous behavior

  • The possibility of making a letter and sending it to the parents on his e-mail on the dates of payment of the installments

  • Receive complaints and suggestions from parents and not open them to the public