​Helpdesk Management

Maximize your productivity

Create different teams

  • You can create different teams to assign tickets to, and for each team you can create a unique email alias, which customers can contact directly.

Assigning tickets

  • Tickets can be assigned automatically balanced amongst team members, randomly, or manually.

Prioritize your tickets

  • You can choose different levels of priority for your tickets.

Timesheet on tickets

  • Track the time spent on tickets time sheeting on them. Use a timer to record the exact time, with the possibility of having several users recording their hours at the same time on the same task/ticket. Timesheets can be displayed on the customer's portal.


Create tickets via email

  • Customers can easily create tickets via email. Incoming emails automatically create a ticket and depending on the email aliases they can be assigned to the corresponding teams.

Create tickets via website form

  • Customers can create a ticket via an online form. The website form can be customized according to your preferences.

Create tickets via Live Chat

  • You can interact with your customers via the Live Chat and instantly create a ticket directly via the chat window.

Create tickets on the fly

  • If you notice that a customer has mentioned an issue on an external channel such as a forum, Twitter, or Facebook, you can manually create tickets in the system and get started right away.

Create tickets via Leads

  • Convert a lead into a ticket with a simple click. Ensure no more unseen or unanswered customer needs.

Analyze your work

Set your own SLA rules

  • Set standards for your teams by creating your own SLA policies. Service Level Agreements can be created based on tickets issue types, tags and/or priority. Choose between a stage to be reached, or for a SLA to applied at a specific stage.

Helpdesk Dashboard

  • Get a full overview of all your tickets with the Helpdesk dashboard and keep track of your performance and success rate.

Customer rating

  • Customers can provide feedback on their customer experience in just a click by using the customer rating system. This allows you to track their level of satisfaction as well as the rating of the team member in charge of the ticket for easy KPI tracking.

Self Service


  • You can make your learning materials such as slides, videos, or documentation available on your website via system slides, sharing them with customers by publishing your content on your Helpdesk page. No need to re-import everything a second time on the Helpdesk page, all your educational content stays in sync.

Help Center Forum

  • Questions or issues that you receive frequently you can post in the online forum which can then serve as a FAQ section where customers can easily find answers to their most common problems.

Ticket Closing

  • Allow customers to close their tickets from their portal. This reduces the chance of having a closed ticket which was not considered done by the customer, avoids misunderstandings and adds time for Helpdesk Teams to pay attention to new or more complex tickets.