eCommerce Management

Create your online store

Website Configurator

  • Get a stunning online store in 3 easy steps.

Building blocks

  • Drag & drop building blocks with business features. Customize blocks from the content to the layout.

Professional Themes

  • All themes are available in standard, out-of-the-box, for free. There is one theme for each industry.

Mobile Friendly

  • Website content is automatically adapted to mobile devices: no complex backend to deal with.

Business Features

  • Your e-Commerce is integrated with other modules, such as Helpdesk or CRM.

Products Variants

  • Create a product available in several variants, such as size, colors, or other attributes.

B2B store

  • Make the shop only accessible for allowed users, and display different pricelists.


  • Generate recurring revenues by selling subscription products on your website.

Lead Generation

  • Use the visitors tracking system to generate new leads.

Product Availability

  • Choose to sell your products based on your stock levels. Display quantities in stock and set alerts.

Tax Rates

  • Adapt tax rates based on fiscal positions.

Products Comparator

  • Let your visitors compare products together based on their attributes.

Run multiple stores

  • Sell on multiple stores on the same database. Share products between websites.

Marketplaces Integrations

  • Sell on multiple channels by integrating your items on eBay and Amazon.

Drop shipping

  • Send delivery requests directly to your suppliers.

Maximize Revenues

Accessories & Suggested Products

Email Marketing Campaigns

Coupon & Codes

Gift Cards

Shopping Experience

Real-time Dashboard

  • Track your visitors in real time and connect to the most interesting ones in a single click: push notification, live chat, SMS, etc.

Customers Portal

  • Visitors get instant access to their documents such as support tickets, invoices, projects, tasks, etc.

Wish List

  • Shoppers can add products to a wish list. Returning customers will use it to buy their favorite items faster.

Easy Checkout Process

  • The checkout process is straightforward. Add extra custom steps if needed.
  • Effortlessly create custom designs for product pages by using drag & drop building blocks (no coding skills needed).
  • Manage updates to your product information effortlessly and promote your products in multiple ways.

Easy Checkout Process

  • The checkout process is straightforward. Add extra custom steps if needed.

Payment Providers

  • Allow customers to pay with PayPal, Inge Nico, Ayden, and SIPS World line or create your own payment methods.

Shipping Connectors

  • Speed up your shipment process and track your orders from the system with DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, and La Poste shipping connectors.

Sales Data Analytics

  • Analyze your sales based on sold quantities and revenues or group them based on the Partner behind the sales.


  • The next actions to do are available on the dashboard: orders to invoice, payments to receive, shoppers to revive, etc.

Google Analytics Integration

  • Know your customers' behavior and get information on your acquisition channels, demographics, number of visitors, etc.

Customizable Graphs

  • Display a graph with your weekly, monthly or annual sales per product and add it to your dashboard.

Domain Name

  • Use your own domain name on your website.

Free SSL Certificate

  • Get your free SSL certificate automatically on cloud-hosted websites.

Code Editor

  • Customize your website by adapting the HTML, CSS, and JS code directly from the frontend. Save your changes instantly.


  • Get support from our team via our helpdesk center.

Open source

  • You have full control over the development of new features or design themes.