​Manufacturing operations management software

Manufacturing orders management

  • You can manage your products on assembly lines or by manual assembly.

job applications

  • Produce the items required in the final assembly of your products.

Repair Orders

  • Repairs to items under warranty or as a service can be managed.

Manufacturing orders can be modified

  • You can use other products than initially planned and adjust manufacturing orders once this is done.

Unbilled orders

  • You can disassemble a finished product and take back the components.

Manufacturing plans

  • Get a clear view of your entire planning and reschedule manufacturing with ease.

​Data management flexibility

Create a multilevel BOM

  • Adjust the BOM in Other BOM to insert the ingredients of a product in another BOM.

Version changes

  • Allow your products to evolve and add configurable options when creating orders.

Optional routing

  • Create new work order routing routes to arrange your production based on the route used.

Assembly products without manufacturing

  • With the Kit feature your sales representative will be able to sell products that will be delivered as a set of components.

​Maintenance management

Preventive maintenance

  • Automatically trigger maintenance requests based on KPIs.

Corrective maintenance

  • Run corrective maintenance directly from the control center panel.


  • Schedule maintenance operations through the calendar.


  • Get all maintenance statistics and average time between failures.

Effectively controlling the production process


  • Set up tablets at each work center to organize work effectively.

Production record

  • Record daily production and check products, batch and lot numbers, or serial numbers.

Working papers

  • Display manufacturing process sheets, steps and instructions directly at the production center with instructions to the worker to ensure quality.
  • Define several steps in a work order and link them to the worksheet pages: you can scan the product, take a picture, adjust the quality, and more.


  • Use alerts to show the worker or operator changes or quality checks.


  • Get a full report for complete traceability of ingredients used during the manufacturing process.