Appraisals Management


Create appraisal plans

  • Setup several plans for each department. Create different phases, and add custom actions and forms to organize your appraisals the right way.

Sort appraisals

  • Filter and sort appraisals by employee, status, deadline, appreciation and plan name to get a clear overview of evaluations.

Organize interviews

  • Easily configure who should receive a form. Define & select forms per roles. Manage evaluation schedule with stages. Request interviews for specific stages of your appraisal plan and for each employee. Track interviews and setup reminders in the calendar view.

Create surveys

Design surveys

  • Use existing templates to quickly create surveys or design your own surveys from scratch. Create multiple surveys for each step of the evaluation process.

Create templates

  • Turn existing surveys into template to easily use them again or customize existing ones.

Test surveys

  • Proof your surveys with colleagues and/or manager before sending them out to other employees. Ask for comments and reviews to perfect the content.

Export answers

  • Turn any evaluation filled by employees into a PDF form that can then be printed instantly.

Automate process

Create automatic actions

  • Allow system to automatically send emails and requests for evaluation to each employee according to the schedule that was setup in the evaluation plan.